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            Top Categories

            • Chandeliers
              Tubular Lighting  Co. Ltd, More than 10 years experience in lighting industry.  Tubular Lighting focus on Modern Chandeliers, rustic...
            • Pendant Light
              Pendant Light
              Tubular Lighting provide various modern pendant lighting, glass pendant lights, Multi Pendant  light, Large Pendant light, Mini Pendant lamp...
            • Ceiling Light
              Ceiling Light
              Revamp any room easily and quickly with a new LED ceiling light , Flush Mount Ceiling Lights, Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights, so you can...
            • Floor Lamp Manufacturer
              Floor Lamp Manufacturer
              Do you plan to buy floor lamp? First, you need to make sure what kind of floor lamp that you need for domestic or commercial place. There are different kinds...
            • Wall Lamp
              Wall Lamp
              Nowadays, the LED wall lamps are designed according to the domestic and commercial spaces. In fact, our designed led lamps are highly sophisticated and give...

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            Why Choose Us?
            Company strength Tubular Lighting has more than 10 years of LED lighting products manufacturing experiences, Our factories are located in Dongguan and Zhongshan, Where we have 9,000 square meter of workshop, warehouse, office and showroom. As a...

            What Our Customer Are Saying

            • Good quality and service, the product quality is excellent, Tubular lighting is a very professional lighting company and Jack is very competent and responsible. Strongly recommend. Will be purchasing from them again soon.
              --- James Ivan

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            Shenzhen Tubular Lighting Co.,Ltd
            Shenzhen Office Address:
            2706, Hung Cheong Plaza, Shennan East, Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
            Mob: 86-760-85321980
            Contact: Jack Wong
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